Remote Work IT Instructions:

  • Laptop/Power Cord:  Please remember to take your laptop AND power cord home as you will need both to work effectively (check with your manager on any other specific equipment needs to work remotely)
  • VPN Access/Other Access:  Weifield has secured additional VPN licenses to accommodate the most people possible utilizing VPN while working remotely. However, there are only a certain amount of licenses available at any given time, so please utilize VPN sparingly – getting onto VPN to access/download only the files you need, and then disconnecting from VPN when performing other work tasks not involving the server. This step will ensure all have the access they need to continue operations, remotely.
  • Additional IT Needs: For any and all additional IT needs – funnel those requests through your manager and utilize existing capabilities as much as possible (e.g., use Microsoft Teams instead of purchasing additional Zoom licenses). Only items needed for the business to stay operational will be approved.

VPN Instruction Document – For instructions on how to set up VPN remotely, please scroll to the PDF attachment below for full details.

Please note you can also utilize OWA access at the following URL:

For any other IT issues or VPN connection issues, please engage IT through the IT Support email address at