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UPDATE:  4.28.20

Team Weifield:

I’m sure many of you are aware that several counties, including Arapahoe County, have deviated from the Governor’s plan and pushed out the return to work/”Safer at Home” date to Friday, May 8th.  The Centennial office is located within Arapahoe County.  Therefore, aligning with the process outlined below, we are now targeting to reopen our Centennial office on MONDAY, MAY 18th.

Additional information on our workplace procedures will be distributed the week before the reopening of the office.  Please contact your department manager if you have any questions.


–   Telecommuting:  Still recommended for each group as available based on needs of the department.

–   Personal Health:  Employees with pre-existing conditions or other high risk, should plan to continue working remotely if at all possible.

–   New Seating Plans / Building Policies to Ensure Social Distancing
    *  Seating Plans:  Social distancing rules will be incorporated into seating plans and your managers will share those plans with you next week.
    *  Maximum Number in Office:  the goal is to achieve no more than 50% of departments working in the office at any given time; telecommuting for most and for those who must work in the office, potential work in
shifts/on alternate days.
    *  Building Segregation:  We will continue to keep our neighboring offices segregated from each other (e.g., no employees working in 6950 S. Jordan may enter the 7000 S. Jordan building at any time or for any
reason, and vice versa).

–   Additional Procedures
    *  A more detailed document will be provided the week before we return to the office:  Weifield has been working very hard to develop a process that will ensure our work in the office will be productive but will also be as safe as possible. This document will be made available to all employees to ensure best safe practices upon return.

As with everything surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are entering into unchartered territory but we hope with our delayed phased opening, our carefully-constructed procedures, and the help of all of you — we can help ensure our return to the office will be as safe as possible for our #1 resource – our employees.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and if you have any questions with respect to this information, please contact your department manager.

Best regards,

Timothy T. Markham
Chief Operating Officer