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Updated: 6.9.20 [With updated conference room usage details]

Team Weifield – We opened the Centennial office on Monday, May 18th.  See the document included below for the 6/9/20 updated “Return to Office Policy” that everyone is required to follow.  Please read it in its entirety so any questions you have can be addressed with your manager before coming into the office.  This policy will be posted on the Weifield Weekly and any future updates will also be communicated and posted.

It’s important to note that our primary focus is the health of our employees inside and outside of the office.  We are still encouraging remote work if you are able to do so, but for those that have spoken to your manager and decided to work from the office, you must follow the attached policy.  Please don’t expect business as usual when we are together in the office, it will be different due to the new procedures that include 50% maximum capacity, daily temperature checks, physical distancing, and other requirements we must follow.  It will likely be a while before things return to something close to how we used to work together in an office setting.

I want to thank our “Return to the Office Committee”…. Brad Boswell, Jill Farrand, Sage Johnson, Bret Richmond, and Lauren Worth.  They’ve spent many hours researching all of the health guidelines and state orders for re-opening offices and determining how Weifield will operate once open.

It will be good to see those of you who are returning to the office – and we will continue to stay connected with others via our virtual meetings.  I think we have been very blessed that the majority of our employees have stayed healthy during this pandemic and those that contracted COVID are recovering well.  Thank you for continuing to work hard and deliver value to our customers, external and internal.  It always comes down to people, and we are lucky to have you on the Weifield Team!

Be sure that you have spoken to your manager or department head to address your schedule and answer any questions.

Best regards,

Timothy T. Markham
Chief Operating Officer