Hello, Weifield Rocky Mountain Teammates:

We are very excited to celebrate with all of you at our 20-Year Anniversary event on Thursday, May 12th, 2022 — at Four Mile Historic Park in Denver, CO (5 to 9 PM)!

This party is a combined employee & client celebration — and so, it will be held on a Thursday so our clients can join the event after work. Because it is a weeknight, we want our Rocky Mountain employees to be able to celebrate and fully enjoy the party — so all Rocky Mountain employees will have a day off on Friday, May 13th, 2022 to celebrate our big 20 year anniversary.

Employees: Please make sure to coordinate with your manager to plan your work schedules so you can log a full work week before taking this day off on Friday, 5/13/22.

**Important Note: Your ability to have Friday, 5/13/22 off will be dependent upon your specific job site situation – if there is a prescheduled shutdown on your site or a GC requirement that there by onsite manpower, that day, you may need to come into work. Your manager will keep you posted as to if you are needed or can take this day off as the date gets closer.**

Mileage/Hotel Reimbursement: Anyone traveling over 50 miles to the party may expense mileage per the current mileage reimbursement rate — and will be reimbursed $100 toward a hotel stay (for the evening of 5/12 only) should you wish to stay overnight in Denver. You must submit your hotel receipt with your expense report to get reimbursement toward your hotel stay. Please ask your manager/supervisor if you need guidance on the expense reimbursement process.

We look forward to celebrating with you all at the party! If you have not yet received your invitation for our May 12th event, please let Cathy Tarter in Marketing know — at