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Hey Everyone,

I know we are all VERY excited to start having a little normalcy to work, and I wanted to let you know of a few items before Monday.

  • We will be taking temps every day when you arrive as well as asking COVID-19 related questions.
  • If you are an early bird and plan to be to the office BEFORE 7 am, please take your own temperature and send HR a picture of your temp as well as any symptoms you may have every time you come to the office. If you are all clear, head on it.
  • If you come to the office and have a temperature, you will not be able to come in the building. This is for you and everyone else, so please understand we are just following recommended guidelines
  • If you have concerns with any of this, reach out to myself anytime between now and Sunday. I would rather answer or talk out your concerns now than have Lisa send you home Monday. Really, call my cell, email me or reach out on Teams. I am happy to chat.
  • The very last thing.. you will get an email later today from CRITERION. This is an acknowledgement that you understand what we are doing, what the questions are, and the scope for temp taking. I have attached it here as well so you know what we are asking you to acknowledge. This acknowledgement is so that you can either accept or refuse ahead of Monday, but if not completed, does not change our process and expectations are still the same.

Let me know if you have any questions. The COVID-19 specific questions you need to answer with the picture of your temp are on the attached doc, but you basically just need to tell us if you are experiencing:

-shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
-sore throat
-fever or had a fever in the last 3 days
-muscle aches
-loss of taste or smell

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend and maybe I will see you Tuesday when I am in for my shift!

Lauren Worth, PHR
Director of Human Resources