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The next Weifield quarterly All Hands meeting is this week, Thursday, May 20th from 3 to 4 PM MDT – we hope you will join us! 

This meeting will be ‘live-streamed’ from Centennial, CO as a live Microsoft Teams event – and we will also be gathering a limited amount of people (100) to watch the ‘live’ meeting from the 7000 S. Jordan warehouse! As always, we encourage teams at our regional offices and job sites to also gather together to watch the Teams event as well, as is possible.

All Centennial office team members (6950 & 7000) will attend the All Hands meeting at the 7000 S. Jordan warehouse in-person – we will have 100 chairs in the warehouse – and if there are a few more than 100, we will also have the Teams meeting showing in the 7000 S. Jordan Training Room.

In-Person Meeting: If you would like to be one of the 100 that attends the in-person meeting at the warehouse on May 20thFood and drinks will also be provided! 

Watch on Teams:   To watch the meeting on Teams, it’s similar to what you did for the last meeting — simply click the following link to watch the Teams event on meeting day.

Questions for Management:  If you’d like to submit any questions for management to address in the Q&A section, please send them to Cathy Tarter ( by May 18th!

2021 May All Hands Meeting Teams Link

At this meeting, we will discuss:

>  Company/Strategic Updates
>  Operations, Preconstruction, Training & Prefab Updates
>  Celebration of Our Employees & Company Recognitions/Awards
>  Management Q & A
>  Raffle Prizes for Attendees
>  Gifts for All Employees

Look forward to celebrating together…see you on May 20th!