Texas Division

September, 2019 TEXAS Employee of the Month: Showing Integrity!


Weifield Texas Employees – our September, 2019 Employee of the Month round is focused on identifying those employees within Weifield who demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in their work on a continual basis!

HOW TO WIN: Send in your name, title & location to M’Lissa O’Neil (moneil@weifieldgroup.com) – along with the name of your nominated employee(s) and the reason(s) they are being nominated for a positive/winning attitude – by Thursday,  9/19/19. Management will then review the submissions and decide upon the winning Employee of the Month.

The winning Employee of the Month will win a $100 gift card and receive company recognition via email, Facebook, and the Weifield Wired In newsletter!

Who do you know with a LARGE moral compass?