Texas Division

Showing Commitment [November, 2019 Employee of the Month!]



Do you have a teammate who goes ‘all in’ on everything they do — no matter the obstacle? Then, we want to hear from you…

Weifield’s November, 2019 Employee of the Month round focuses on COMMITMENT — and seeks nominations of those Weifield employees who demonstrate 100% commitment on every effort, and every project, day-in and day-out.

HOW TO WIN: Send in your name, title & location to M’Lissa O’Neil (moneil@weifieldgroup.com) – along with the name of your nominated employee and a description of how they show their commitment at Weifield– by Monday, November 18, 2019.  Management will then review the submissions and decide upon the winning Employee of the Month.

The winning Employee of the Month will win a $100 gift card and receive company recognition via email, Facebook, and the Weifield Wired In newsletter! Thanks for your participation and we look forward to your submissions!