‘C’ Connection




For those that may not yet know, Weifield has several new systems that have/will be coming online in 2021 that include:

• CRM (Salesforce)
• HRIS system (Workforce Go)
• ERP system (SageIntactt)
• Service system (Service Titan)
• Company Intranet (Sharepoint)

I wanted to provide our high-level strategy behind these new systems as we integrate them into our operating platform in an effort to become more efficient and effective as a company.

Salesforce CRM: This system manages all of our sales activity, client contacts, and prospects – and we officially transitioned to the new Salesforce CRM system on January 1st.

• Description: This new system has more functionality and reporting to accelerate our sales cycle. There are many improvements and betterments we are still working on – as is the case with any new system, but we are excited about the results it will deliver to our Precon team.

• Integration: Eventually, this system will be connecting to all of our other new systems to share data across the company – an example of this will be that the system can automatically create a project in Salesforce based on data fed to it from other systems.

SageIntactt ERP/Accounting System: This system draws on our accounting data foundation and accelerates our request and financial processes so that current manual tasks become automated.

• Description: We are in the initial testing phases of certain modules – to build better workflows and process automation. This system will help us to stop manual processes such as sending Excel sheets back and forth – an example is, when a material request comes in from the field, it will automatically go into a quotation queue.

Workforce Go HR (Employee) System: This system is used for HR recruiting, onboarding, payroll, and employee management.

• Description: In this system, employees will have one portal to go to see all of their personal employee information and employment information with Weifield – including pay stubs, benefits, W2s, PTO balance (& request PTO), etc. The system has better automation and facilitation of internal processes.

Service Titan System: This service helps us to better manage our service work and better service our clients – it will replace our existing FieldConnect program.

• Description: This is a mobile Service app that better manages time & materials work, offers customer notifications and much better reporting for service technicians.

Sharepoint Intranet: This new Intranet will house all company-facing information by division and function so that it’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all internal company and department/division news, procedures/forms, and events.

• Description: This system’s initial home page and capability will be rolled out by the end of Q2, 2021.

The majority of these systems will go live by September of this year and the main strategy is, to interconnect and integrate systems so that all systems will have some connectivity to each other. Data can flow from department to department seamlessly and without manual intervention by our employees. We have outgrown a lot of our manual processes so this strategy will provide us with real-time data and real-time decision capability – which benefits everyone as we become more efficient.

Certain members of our team may start seeing requests to help with our systems integration process or test products, as well as train around the shift from manual processes to automated processes. But rest assured, we will have full training on all of these systems well before you start using them….(we won’t launch you into the deep end…)…

As always, we are particularly grateful for our IT leader, Jeff Truax, who has led other companies to digital transformation in the past and will help the company reach the end game of consistent, shareable data across all employees!

If you have any questions, reach out anytime.