The Weifield Council H.E.L.P.S.


Hello, employees of Weifield!

The Weifield Council has put together a mission statement to help you understand what they do for, you, the employees of Weifield. So here it is!


The Weifield Group Council H.E.L.P.S.


Harmonizes the company voices to facilitate coordinated efforts to solve issues.

Engages the people on a personal and professional level to understand their wants and needs as a valued employee.

Listens to concerns, suggested improvements, and analysis from the company as a whole.

Provides feedback to ownership of employee comments and suggestions.

Supplies necessary communication for action items based on feedback received to be delegated to focus groups.


If you don’t know who is in our Council group, please see the members below:


Anthony Wilemon Arnie Trujillo Aubrey Cundall Brad Boswell
Cody Miller Craig Arcand Curtis Miller Dustin Tafoya
James Sammon Matt Flinn Mike Baltazar Nick Bull
Mike Megara Mike Osborne Chad Edens Lauren Worth
Russell Tafoya Seth Anderson Jill Farrand Tim Markham
Richard White (TX) Nate Anderson (TX) Nathan Decker


As a reminder; the Council is always looking for ways to encourage growth, empower our Weifield family, and promote team health and morale. If you have a topic that you would like to bring in front of the council, please reach out to them at  They will discuss your ideas, suggestions, and constructive feedback at their monthly meetings.