The Process component is one of 6 components in the EOS Model (see above diagram).

  • This component creates, at a high level, a consistent way of doing all the company’s operations.  It is basically a checklist.
  • It identifies our core processes, the 20% of processes that produce 80% of our results.  This is The Weifield Way, our secret sauce on how we do what we do.
  • There are two steps involved in making this component strong:
    1. IDP – Identify, Document and Package – for all our core processes
    2. FBA – Followed By All – everyone is trained, measured and held accountable to follow our core processes.  In addition, we discuss, review, and update our core processes regularly

What has been done so far?

IDP – Over the last few months, we have identified, documented and packaged our core processes.

  1. Identified: All business units have identified the core processes tied to their business
  2. Documented: Using a standard template, each of the core processes were documented
  3. Packaged:  A new channel in Teams has been created to save and access our core processes (see diagram, below). In addition, a model for The Weifield Way was created to show all of the core processes and how they support what we do (see diagram further down the page).


What’s next?

FBA – Starting in 2021, everyone will be trained on your business unit’s core processes.  This will included:

  1. Training – Employees will be trained in L10 meetings, special training sessions, or online
  2. Measurement – Business units will ensure our core processes are being followed and measure compliance through scorecards
  3. Addressing/Updating –  Business units will address any issues with core processes and update regularly as needed.  Each quarter, a new process will be selected to evaluate to simplify and/or retrain.

Why is this important?  What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?

When the Process Component for our organization is 100% strong…..

  • Weifield has documented the core things we do every day
  • Everyone understands and follows these processes, creating consistency and efficiency…..producing better results
  • Even better, these processes can be scaled so that our company can grow in a manageable way

For information on EOS, click on the What Is EOS? video link!

Have questions?

Please reach out to your business unit leader or feel free to send Tim Markham an email with any questions or ideas as well.