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On Monday, January 17, 2022, we launched an updated overview of one of the most critical processes at Weifield….our Weifield Way Construction Process [see the attached diagram of the high-level process].

What It Is:

  • This process outlines the complete high-level sequential steps of Weifield’s construction process – from when we are awarded a new project through the close out of that project

Why We’re Sharing:

  • Executing this process directly correlates to our ability to successfully execute the project
  • When we do the steps correctly, we are successful; when we don’t, we are not
  • This is our niche…providing best-in-class electrical solutions, so we want to be sure that everyone knows it and why it is important to our success

Additional Components:

  • There are additional processes within the major steps shown in this diagram that will be focused on in more detail in future trainings with specific groups responsible for executing those steps

Going Forward:

  • We will be focusing on this process in all regions to ensure our employees involved in the process are trained, understand it, and are able to execute it
  • Senior field leaders including General Managers, Construction Executives, Directors of Operations and General Superintendents will hold others accountable to deliver this process consistently – and performance will be measured on the execution of this process
  • Training classes will be modified and developed to address the different components, and specific individuals that are experts in each area will be asked to teach others
  • We will be adding this process overview into our new employee orientation and making it part of the onboarding process, as well – so that we can sure this process is FBA – Followed By All

This is a process that will stand the test of time for Weifield – we will live and breathe it, so please ensure you are able to not only understand the process yourself, but you have the ability to communicate it to others on your team responsible for executing the same pieces of the process. Please ask your manager if you have any questions.

Watch for more information on future trainings and thank you for your attention to this important matter. We look forward to seeing the results of our enhanced construction process focus!