Human Resources

Tips to Communicate More Effectively with your Staff


Communicating with employees is a key component to running a productive business and leading an effective team. Below is a list of tips and techniques that can help you connect better in the workplace.

Schedule times when employees can talk with you

Make these times known, or, if not too distracting, have an open door policy in your office.

Make it a point to connect with all employees, even the quiet ones
Ask them about simple things, like how they are doing, or how a certain project is coming along.

Feel free to ask questions that inquire about an employee’s life
This can show that you care about how your employee is doing outside of work. Ask about a new baby or how a loved one is recovering from a medical condition, for example.

Research your employees so you can know them better
Review their personnel files before addressing a problem or new opportunity.

Be trustworthy
Don’t share what an employee has told you in confidence.

Don’t judge your employees
Be respectful of personal and lifestyle choices. If there is a problem in the workplace, don’t make a judgment until you have all the facts.

Invite feedback
Give employees surveys or hold regular meetings to let them share concerns. Use this information to help maintain a positive work environment, and show employees that it’s ok for them to speak up. This will help you receive both positive and negative feedback, both of which you can use to improve.

Don’t let employees’ opinions of you shape how you treat them
Focus on their job performance, rather than if they like you or if you like them.

Value honesty and lead by example
Don’t be afraid to say no or to give your honest opinion.