Health & Wellness






If you get hurt and are out for an indefinite period of time, you very well be forced to do nothing…nada…zilch. How does that look?

  1. Are you replaceable? Think about it…are you replaceable to your family, the company, the project, and your crew? Anyone may fill your chair, but are they you? You have created relationships that cannot be duplicated; so the question is, is taking a risk worth it?
  2. What responsibilities do you have? Who walks your dog…washes the cat…cuts the grass…will the pets starve? Will your family have to cover more of the burden? These jobs can be covered for now, but for how long, and at what cost?
  3. Is your team set up to work without you? Do you know how long your team can proceed without you…how many days? What do you know that nobody else does?
  4. What financial obligations do you have? The financial benefits to safety are huge. Who pays the bills if you are out? Work-related injuries do not pay the bills for your house, vehicle, or way of life. You’re living on a 66% paycheck, post-injury.
  5. What are the intangibles you don’t normally think about? The things we take for granted may be affected, post-injury…what everyday activities do you enjoy, that might be gone in an instant? Again…the question is, is risky behavior worth it.
  6. What are the consequences? The challenges we face every day outside of work, such as driving in traffic, can also produce many varied consequences to us and our families, if we are not careful. What can we do to protect what we believe to be most important, on a daily basis? How can we behave differently from before and achieve the desired result? How can we drive to work and back every day, and not be subjected to any of the results mentioned above? We might complain about driving to work in traffic — but we would gladly accept that challenge versus suffering a calamity that affects our ability to return to work.

Please be careful out there! We are genuinely concerned about our people’s safety and want you to remember the importance of playing it safe. Please take the time to regularly communicate ideas for a safer work environment with your supervisor and your team, so that together we are caring for not just ourselves, but all.