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COVID-19 Remote Work Update from Weifield Risk Management Task Force

Weifield Team:

I know everyone has been bombarded with information overload regarding COVID-19. Please know that our Weifield Risk Management Team is meeting frequently to assess the situation with the latest information from the CDC, DOH and our customers. On a bright note, we have not had any COVID-19 cases among Weifield employees and I’m hopeful this trend will continue.

For the majority of our team related to field operations, we are continuing to conduct business as usual with project management staff working closely with field supervisors to ensure teamwork and collaboration continues. We will pass along information from our general contractors and customers as it becomes available. I want to reassure our field operations team that our support services and management team will continue to support all of our projects so that we can successfully meet our commitments, deadlines and ultimately complete our projects.

For all employees, please be sure your manager has your phone contact information in case contact is necessary. If you are not feeling well, please inform your manager and leave work as soon as you are able/seek medical care as needed.

As a precautionary measure and out of an abundance of caution, we are giving employees who are able to perform their work remotely the option to temporarily work from home until further notice). We will continue to evaluate the situation and provide you with more information as it becomes available. Our offices and warehouse will remain open during this time, however, there will be limited services available in person. For those working in our main office, we will practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Employees will still be able to come into the office and use the equipment or the facility as needed. [As a reminder, we have included our VPN set-up instructions as an attachment to this email for any who need it.]

I want to reiterate that there are currently no cases of COVID-19 among Weifield employees. We are focused on taking a proactive and public-health centered approach.

Scroll to the attachments below for VPN Set-Up, FAQs (Updated 3.30.20), Ancillary Support Services and Work Authorization Letter.