The H-E-B Temple Expansion project in Temple, Texas is a grocery store distribution center.  The project is over 222,000 sq. ft. and to be finished in 13 months.

Why does this Project Stand Out?  The only option to run pipe from the main electrical room to the warehouse was by going over head. This meant coming straight out of the electric room, going approximately 20’ over existing equipment and a building entrance, then turning 90 degrees into the building. The solution: fabricate an elevated support structure in Denver and ship to Texas. This structure was designed to be bolted together to ease assembly on site and help mitigate shipping cost. It was also hot dipped galvanized to withstand the Texas humidity.

Field Quote: I want to thank you and your team for a great job on the Rack ‘Larson Bridge’. The installation from on the ground, bolting together, and hanging it was just over 3 hours. This thing is over 17 ft. tall and very long, it took a skytrack to set it. All this saved us tons of labor and also you were able to get us material at a cheaper rate than we could get it here in Texas. Everything came out perfect and I am glad we used you guys for this.” Garrett King, Weifield Texas Superintendent.

Congrats to our VDC/Prefab team!