Weifield is participating in several bike builds for charity (with Wish for Wheels []) at our job sites & offices this fall and in the spring of 2021 – with the goal of building these bikes as a team and donating them to kids in our local schools & communities!

The bike kits we receive from Wish for Wheels come with helmets – and Weifield is allowed to donate our built bikes to any school we would like to (although the organization’s main focus is 2nd graders with DPS and low income schools).  If we choose to have an instructor on a jobsite to help with the bike build (for a large team), they will provide teambuilding challenges as well.

Job Site Builds – CO/WY/TX:  Field Supervisors – for any crew that is interested in this event for their job site, you can pick your own date to have a bike build at your site (with appropriate GC/owner permissions) — and depending on the crew size, we will schedule a facilitator. Please contact Lacey Bolek if this is of interest to you and relay to her your job site and preferred date (

Weifield plans to do more bike builds next spring (April timeframe).

Together, we’ll be working on the ‘C’ in our PACT — COMMUNITY!


** The Centennial Build was Friday, October 30th, and it was a success!  Not only did our bike builders have great time, but they left that day knowing they made a difference in the lives of so many children! **