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Team Weifield:

I wanted to take a moment to communicate the input and future actions that will be taken from the Future Betterment Teams (FBTs) and the Employee Forums that occurred during the 3rd & 4th quarters.

Key Takeaways:

  • All of the information gathered from the FBTs and Employee Forums was compiled, shared and reviewed with the Weifield Leadership Team (LT) in Q4, including discussions during the Annual Planning Session in early December
  • This communication provides a summary of the information obtained from these groups, our intended plans for the information, and the timing of future betterment team/employee forum initiatives
  • Weifield does not simply ‘collect’ data from our employees – we listen, we review and we take action to improve the company based on this valuable input
  • Based on this feedback, we will take action on the items we can while continuing to Get Work, Perform Work, & Support Work – and will conduct future employee engagement surveys / Employee Forums / FBTs as required to ensure our employees have a voice, support ongoing initiatives and continue to improve the company


Employees from across the company and departments were assigned to three primary Future Betterment Teams (FBTs) in August 2021 by the COO (me). The FBTs were given assignments to address key issues of concern / opportunities as identified from the All-Employee Engagement Survey from June 2021 – the 3 areas of focus were: Communication, Comp & Benefits, and Process.

Participation Stats

>  FBT #1 (Communication) – 5 Employees (Office + Field)
>  FBT #2 (Comp & Benefits) – 5 Employees (Office + Field)
>  FBT #3 (Process) – 5 Employees (Office + Field)

FBT Findings & Recommendations

The primary issues and proposed solutions from each FBT are included below (many other issues/potential solutions were reviewed/discussed by the Leadership Team and will be included in future LT discussions).

  • FBT #1 (Communication)
    • Issues: We don’t always understand ‘The Why’ behind changes from senior leadership, there is not consistency in the delivery of communication, we have not established trust through our communications
    • Proposed Solutions: Ensure field leadership understands all process/policy changes ahead of time so they can handle questions/communication with the field teams and align their communications with leadership/the office, ensure we communicate via multiple methods to establish consistency in message, ensure that everyone – from the leadership team down to middle management & field management fully understands the communication and all are saying the same thing
  • FBT #2 (Comp & Benefits)
    • Issues: Communication of policy changes for benefits was bumpy, how do we ensure our compensation stays competitive, how do we ensure our raises and promotions are in line with the market standard
    • Proposed Solutions: Include FAQs/information on comp & benefits in a central place on our company Intranet, research if our pay scale is competitive at all levels of advancement, develop mentorship program to develop up-and-coming employees
  • FBT #3 (Process)
    • Issues: Launching updates to processes is not always smooth, inconsistent communication around process changes has caused distrust, we need to establish better trust, communication and clear expectations between the field and Prefab
    • Proposed Solutions: Create a focus group/team and better procedural forms to ensure better process rollouts, work to create trusting relationships between field and office leadership, and between field leadership and the field teams, field to provide clear and accurate details of each order to Prefab

Intended Areas of Focus/Action

  • I shared the findings and recommendations of all three FBTs with the Weifield Leadership Team
  • Each Leadership Team member has been assigned key issues raised by each FBT to incorporate into their L10 discussions and operating procedures, as appropriate, for resolution
  • Heavier FBT issues requiring larger collaboration/effort will be addressed and turned into Rocks for 2022

Future Discussions & Follow-Up Plans

  • We will update all Weifield employees on our 2022 Rocks, including any that were generated from the FBTs by mid-January, 2022.


In November 2021, there were three Employee Forums held, in total – one per region:

>  11/11 – Tennessee
>  11/16 – Rocky Mountain (Colorado & Wyoming)
>  11/18 – Texas


  • Employees from cross-functional departments within each region were invited to these forums
  • The purpose of this event was to share issues and provide information/ideas to help the Leadership Team set priorities for the 2022 Annual Plan (Goals, Rocks, etc.).
  • Prior to meeting, employees were asked to identify Weifield’s ‘SWOT’ – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • During the Forums, the groups also participated in a couple other activities to identify opportunities to operate differently as a company and what a news headline for Weifield might look like in the future.
  • [Note: The areas discussed in these sessions — issues, information, and ideas — were not pre-determined or prompted by the Leadership Team; they were 100% generated by participating employees.]

Participation Stats

>  Tennessee – 7 TN Personnel
>  Rocky Mountain – 25 RM Personnel
>  Texas – 6 TX Personnel

SWOT Results

The results from the SWOT exercise are included as follows (3 for each component have been listed, but many other SWOT components were provided and have been reviewed/discussed by the Leadership Team).

  • Tennessee:
    • Strengths: Camaraderie, connection w/ clients, quality, high quality foremen
    • Weaknesses: Reliance on foremen to do more, finding quality people (esp. at JW level), documentation of external relationships
    • Opportunities: Organization, training, material acquisition using centralized procurement
    • Threats: Materials (cost & lead time), people, ongoing COVID circumstances
  • Rocky Mountain:
    • Strengths: Flexible/national support and communication, implementation of new technology, engaged leadership
    • Weaknesses: Delegating too much (not taking enough personal ownership), prefab relationship, volume and document control
    • Opportunities: Utilization of MS Teams communication, SSO (single sign-on), specific verticals
    • Threats: Lack of good tradesmen, remote workers, aggressive competitors
  • Texas:
    • Strengths: Benefits (attraction), company cares for its employees, successful Industrial projects
    • Weaknesses: Communication, onboarding, sales – more people need to be hitting the street
    • Opportunities: Temple/Waco – Can take on more work – take from other ECs, need more PMs, hire-hire-hire PMs & field staff
    • Threats: Supply chain – materials & equipment/costs & lead times, big state electrical, flexible work arrangements in the office

Intended Areas of Focus/Action

  • I shared the results of all three Employee Forums with the LT at our Annual Planning Session in early December
  • Each LT member has been tasked with discussing these results during their next L10 meetings with their teams
  • Some of these items will be turned into Rocks for 2022, both Company and Departmental.

Future Discussions & Follow-Up Plans

  • We will update all Weifield employees on our 2022 Rocks, including any that were generated from the Employee Forums by mid-January, 2022.


In 2022, we are planning to do another mid-year employee engagement survey, re-establish future betterment teams, and conduct more employee forums, as appropriate, to address the issues and identify opportunities.

There was a lot of great feedback that our employees provided through these events. It’s our job as a Leadership Team to review the data and identify/prioritize those things we can create into initiatives, while continuing to operate the business and work on the other company priorities that will be set for 2022. Our primary focus is to ensure our employees have a great experience, opportunities to grow, and are engaged…but we hope that by providing our employees with the opportunity to provide their input, everyone understands that Weifield’s leadership takes these issues seriously and will always take action on the things that make sense for our organization. As always – thank you, team, for your valuable input throughout the year. We look forward to a new year of collaboration in 2022!

Best regards,

Tim Markham
Chief Operating Officer