On Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at approximately 10:15 AM MDT, at F.E. Warren Airforce Base, a safety incident occurred with an employee from Titan Environmental Services; he was having a heart attack.

SSP supervision was informed that an individual working demolition for Titan had collapsed inside the construction zone in the medical building. Upon arrival at the scene it was found that he was struggling to breath. At the same time, one of Weifield’s electricians and the Titan Superintendent were calling 911 and SSP superintendent was alerting the medical facility staff. The medical staff arrived with an AED just as we were unable to get a pulse. The medical staff took over with the AED and CPR. As they were calling for a crash cart, the other Weifield workers were actually going to the various entrances and exits of the building and its access roads to better help guide any emergency services units to the scene. The medical team was able to stabilize the patient shortly after the ambulance arrived. Within minutes of arrival the EMT’s were able to load the patient in the ambulance and leave the scene to take him to the hospital.

We are happy to report that this Titan employee lived!

Weifield crew members involved were Robert Burton, Ryan Haynes, Ryan Haynes, Jon Kinsolving Jr., Adam Montoya, Mathew Schwantes, Kirk Trojovsky and Nick Wood.

It cannot be understated though, that the incredible swift and proper action taken by the Weifield crew members gave this individual a fighting chance at survival as he was breathing on his own when the ambulance left the site. This is the second time during the duration of this project this crew has acted quickly, confidently and decisively during a medical emergency when an individual’s life was on the line.

We are incredibly proud of all these Weifield crew members and how they represent the ‘P’ (People) in our PACT.