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In early 2019, Weifield’s Board of Directors made the decision to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) with the help of an outside implementer and the hiring of a new COO/Integrator. Weifield was already successful and had experienced huge growth during the previous five years—and wanted to push through the next level and expand into other regions. The EOS model would help Weifield set a clear direction, get everyone aligned on the path forward, instill focus, discipline, and accountability—and help leaders be more cohesive, functional, and effective.

What is the EOS Model?
EOS is an operating system for companies, utilizing simple business tools and proven processes to align and synchronize all the pieces of your business to produce positive results. EOS helps set direction, define goals, ensure right people are in the right seats, identify and track data, follow standard processes, address issues, and hold effective meetings. EOS includes six components as shown in the image below.

What Have We Done?
The first year was focused on documenting our current business and implementing the six components and additional tool set provided by EOS. It all started with establishing our organizational Blueprint which summarizes our core values, our focus (purpose and niche), our marketing strategy, and the long- and short-term plans which include setting targets for revenue, profit, productivity, etc.

The Leadership Team was established to help set our priorities, develop plans and execute effectively and efficiently to achieve the priorities. We also did the following:

>  Established a scorecard to track important metrics

>  Adjusted the organizational structure and ensured the people in the roles were the right ones and they had measurables for the key responsibilities

>  Identified and documented our core processes and ensured we discussed and provided training so that everyone knew them and followed them

>  Began holding weekly L10 meetings to share information and solve issues

>  Created Rocks, quarterly goals that were the most important things that needed to be done in the next 90 days

>  Implemented Traction Tools, a software platform based on EOS that helps us run our L10 meetings, create scorecards, record Rocks, and track and solve issues

>  Held quarterly planning sessions to review the previous 90 days and set the course for the next 90 days

>  Had everyone participate in quarterly check-points, one-on-one conversations between a supervisor and an employee to discuss what’s working, what’s not working and priorities going forward

Where Are We Now?
We just finished our third year leveraging the EOS model which has helped us do the following:

>  Provide clear direction on where we are going, how we can get there, and achieve alignment throughout the company

>  Ensure we have the right people in the right seats

>  Track the right metrics and make proactive decisions when the data doesn’t align with our goals

>  Identify, document, train, and reinforce our core processes

>  Get everyone rowing in the same direction, ensure we have the right people in the right seats and deliver positive results (we just finished our plan)

>  Hold effective meetings where information is shared and issues are addressed

EOS is a key component that helps us run our business effectively and efficiently. We have had some of our strongest years while using EOS.

Where Are We Going?
Running the EOS model is a journey and not a destination. Weifield will be focused on continuing to refine what we do with the model to ensure we have a clear vision of the future, we have plans to execute that vision and everyone in the company is aligned and focused on the vision.

The EOS model already aligns with our core values…People, Advance Process, Community and Trusting Relationships. EOS is the framework to help us focus, create discipline and accountability from top to bottom. Each department will have their own Blueprint that will support the Weifield Blueprint. We will continue to set annual goals and establish quarterly Rocks that challenge us and will bring results and satisfaction to everyone when they are accomplished.

We will continue to operate EOS together with the purpose of making Weifield a better company!