Weifield’s ‘Helping Hands’ Employee Financial Assistance Grants

In this time of crisis, Weifield has not lost sight of our #1 resource – our PEOPLE.

To help those who may be suffering financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic, Weifield is offering a new ‘Helping Hands’ Employee Assistance Grants that can contribute to those employees deemed eligible, during this time.

Who is Eligible?
Employees experiencing a financial hardship and have an annual Weifield salary of $45K or less, or employees who have been affected by a COVID-impacting job site layoff within the last 30-day period from the application submittal date.

What is the Grant Amount that is Being Offered?
Eligible employees whose grant requests are approved may receive up to a $1,000 maximum grant, dependent upon the employee’s financial need/the request amount. Employees may not submit more than one grant application (total) to ensure our funds are distributed across as many employees in need, as possible. The grant funds do not need to be reimbursed to Weifield by the employee.

What is the Process for Submitting a Grant Request?
Employees meeting the salary criteria will follow this process:

  1. COMPLETE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION & SUBMIT WITH DOCUMENTATION: Complete the Financial Assistance Application & Questionnaire form (below) and submit it with the associated documentation described in the application, to:

Kim Howard, Weifield Human Resources Coordinator | 303.407.6639 (Office) | 303.495.0796 (Mobile)

[Note:  Alternatively, if you don’t have the ability to complete the form electronically, you may phone in your request to Kim at her office/mobile numbers provided, above.]

Financial Assistance Application/Questionnaire – See the document link at the bottom of this post for the Financial Assistance Application/Questionnaire that you need to complete/send to Kim Howard in HR.

Internal Process: Kim will connect the requestor with the third-party contact, Melissa Allen at Helping Hands, to complete the process. During this process for assistance, Melissa Allen will work directly with the requestor to obtain additional and required information for processing requests through Helping Hands (copy of a driver’s license or ID, last four digits of employee’s social security #, and the address to mail the grant).

What Documentation is Needed?
Employees wishing to apply for a Weifield Helping Hands Fund grant must submit to Kim Howard a completed Financial Assistance Application/Questionnaire as described above, along with the associated documentation described in the application – such as a past-due monthly statement/bill, a past-due lease or rental invoice/agreement, etc.

Who Makes the Decision?
The evaluation committee includes a member of Weifield’s ownership team, a Human Resources representative, and the submitting employee’s manager/CM – who will meet to evaluate each request and determine eligibility, accordingly.

What is the Timing for the Decision and Payment?
Employees who submit applications can expect to be notified of a decision within seven days of their application submittal date.

The approved grant amount will be issued to employees via a single-time check payment; Helping Hands mails checks bi-weekly and monthly, depending on the severity of the situation. The program, unfortunately, cannot accommodate expedited payment requests.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?
If you have questions on the Weifield Helping Hands Employee Financial Assistance program, please contact:

Kim Howard, Weifield Human Resources Coordinator | 303.407.6639 | 303.495.0796 (Mobile)



It’s been asked by employees how they could donate directly to the Employee Hardship Fund.  Below are available options you may use for donation to selected Donor Advised Funds (DAF):

  • Mail: Please make checks payable to ‘ProvisionBridge’ and place 281323 – Weifield  in the memo or on an enclosed note.

PO Box 157
Tallulah Falls, GA  30573

Bank Details:
Bank of the Ozarks
17901 Chenal Parkway
Little Rock, AR 72223
ABA #082907273

NEMA Foundation dba ProvisionBridge
PO Box 157
Tallulah Falls, GA 30573
Acct #3007049