Wanted to provide everyone with an update on Weifield’s new Colorado Springs, CO office:

>  Location – A lease was executed this week and we take possession on July 1.  The office is located in the Northeast part of Colorado Springs, off N. Academy Blvd between I-25 and HWY 21.  The address is 4474 Barnes Road, Colorado Springs, CO  80917

>  Purpose – This new office is a positive step forward for Weifield to have a greater presence in the Colorado Springs/Southern Colorado area.  The primary use of the office will be:

*  a place where we can hold meetings, internal, clients and prospective employees
*  a place where visitors and those not on the job site to work from
*  storage of equipment and materials

>  People – We are currently recruiting for a Preconstruction Manager to focus on bringing in work in the Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado area.  There will be no permanent employees working in the office for the near future, e.g. Office Manager, PM, etc.

> Next Steps – We will be fitting out the office with furniture, IT network, security, and signage over the next few weeks.  Those that need access to the office once it is fit out can discuss with their department head or Leadership Team member.

As we grow from more work in Southern Colorado, requirements will likely change and we will need some permanent roles in this office.  We will keep everyone updated on any opportunities.

This is an exciting step forward for Weifield.  Please let us know if you have any questions – and we will keep you informed of future updates.