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From Seth Anderson, CEO, Weifield Group Contracting ~

One of Weifield’s major objectives is to be located in five major U.S. cities by 2030….with the expansion to Texas in 2018, we completed region #2 – and we now have scheduled our next location to come online THIS YEAR … so we will have #3 completed in 2020!


  • Nashville was chosen because of its previous years’ growth, the size of the market, the political landscape, the support from our clients, vendors, and other stakeholders, and how it has been outperforming the market
  • We are in the process of finding a company to acquire during Q1 and Q2 through in-depth research


We are in need of a LEADER for Nashville to acclimate the new region to the ‘Weifield Way’ and take us to the next level…..

  • We want to have this new leader’s ‘boots on the ground’ in Nashville around the June timeframe and we plan to close a transaction toward the end of 2020
  • We are reaching out to all of our employees to see who might be interested in moving to Nashville and taking this leadership role on (like Nate Anderson did in Austin)
  • The right person for this job would be someone who has been with the company for a few years, understands and wants to do what we are asking them to do, and follows all our PACT values as well as the ‘Weifield Way’ operational process. The candidate will have significant contributions in their current Weifield CO/WY or TX role and should be able to demonstrate their ability to lead a successful new region.

If you believe you are this next new leader, please contact me, personally (contact information is in my email signature, below).

This is a very exciting time for all of us – we are executing the vision and providing a new chapter in the Weifield history book! Please stay tuned for more updates on our new region in the coming weeks and months. Just reach out with any questions….thank you!