The Weifield Sharepoint Intranet site – called WeiShare – is up and running, with our departments/divisions finalizing their team pages and core processes as part of the launch effort! [See the IT section of the Weifield Weekly for the link to access WeiShare].

  • How to Access Team Pages: From the home page, you can access our team pages on the top Work Areas menu – hover over the subgroup you wish to within each main Get Work, Perform Work, or Support Group area; also notice the different areas you are able to view from the sidebars and menu items on the home page.

Updates in Progress

  • Assisting Teams with Team Page Finalization: IT is currently assisting a few remaining teams with the finalization pieces of some of our teams’ pages.
  • News Digest Page: We will be eliminating the Weifield Weekly in May and replacing it with a WeiShare news digest page called ‘WGC News’ [watch for more information on this in the coming weeks].
  • Finalizing Core Processes Functionality: We have established a centralized repository of Weifield’s core processes and procedures across departments — and links to these core processes have been established on each team page that will be copied to every team page (with the exception of Operations).

If you need assistance with any aspect of finalization with your team page or functionality – please contact Louis in IT Support – at!