Hello, Field Supervisors!

If you visit Weifield’s Facebook page, you will see a short video update that Matt Flinn did for us on the Severance High School project, recently. As video will comprise most of social media in just a few short years, we want to dip our toe in the video game and start doing more of these video project updates – with your help.

There are no deadlines for this one, or pressure – but if you ever have a spare couple of minutes and would like to try a video update for your project, here is what we need:

5 Quick Steps – Video Update

Use Your Mobile Phone: Take the video with your mobile phone – you can turn it to ‘selfie’ mode to record yourself in the beginning, and then switch it back to regular view to show project features/tasks. (Or, you can have someone else record you the entire time – which will eliminate the need to switch between views.)

Say ‘What’s Up, Weifield’ & Introduce Yourself: Introduce yourself looking at the camera, first – while standing near some of the work in progress at the job site [Example: “What’s up, Weifield — I’m Matt Flinn, Field Supervisor at the Severance High School project in Severance, CO.”]

Discuss Current Phases/Tasks: Discuss current or interesting project tasks and features, on-camera – and show a phase or two of the project that is currently happening. [Example: “We started this project in MONTH, YEAR – and we’re now XX% complete. The team is currently working on the XXXX tasks/phases which we expect to have completed by DATE…”…]

Praise Certain Team Members/Whole Team: Mention by name any team members you want to specifically mention for their efforts/hard work (and show them on-camera if they are nearby). [Example: “I just want to give a shout-out to my entire team for doing an amazing job and pushing the schedule out here under complex circumstances….especially PERSON’S NAME, for…”]

Close with the common line everyone will say when doing these project update videos: “And that’s what’s up at Project Name, Weifield!”

Please send your completed videos to Jill Farrand in Marketing (jfarrand@weifieldgroup.com) and we will feature them on social media as they come in. [You can also send in a few different video clips if you can’t capture all of what you want in one shot – and Marketing will piece them together.]

Please reach out to Jill if you have any questions – and thanks so much!