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Why is Change Uncomfortable? [July, 2019 CEO Connection]


“Change is uncomfortable, but it’s helpful.”

Israelmore Ayivor, Inspirational Writer & Speaker

In my life, I always found that the more I can do consistently, the easier it is on my life. I have to say, I like not thinking about things in order to ‘save my brain’ for other decisions. So why do we change when it seems like things are working well…is it the environment? Is it the people?  Was something broken and I didn’t even know about it?

Ever since I was a boy, I like things a certain way. I had my room put together one way and rarely moved it.  I had my bed against the wall. My clothes hung up in the closet a certain way, my toys a certain way. I know what you’re thinking… he is OCD. I just found enjoyment in being able to find anything, any time I needed it.

Now in full disclosure, I did not treat everything like my bedroom. My dad can attest to the fact that I would take his well-laid-out tools from his shop and leave them around. I might have left the hammer out to get rusted once or twice. Thank God he was patient with me and took time to explain why he wanted things a certain way.

Later on in life, I developed habits like hanging up my shirts from the drycleaner and using them left to right, so I didn’t have to think about what to wear.  And yes, the curse my parents had, came true… my kids will take my stuff and not put it away just like I did when I was a kid.  [Thanks, Dad…]…

So why do we change anything if it seems to be working?  There are a lot of people who are creatures of habit that want to see things done the same all the time and I speak from this experience.

I listen through the Bible and it can get frustrating to hear about when things are going great for the Jewish people and then, over time, things start to change.  People started to drift away from what they knew worked and then bad things happened. I think we feel this way at times. When we start drifting away from things we knew worked well, then we feel like bad things are happening.  Many times throughout the Old Testament, the drifters lead the way back to something better — and ultimately it leads the world to Jesus. This couldn’t have happened without change. If all the straying away didn’t happen, we could have found ourselves into a much different world than what we have, today.

Looking at these principles and how we can apply it to our business, I can see that when things change it feels uncomfortable, it can feel bad, there is uncertainty…and having our People and Advancing Process values as well as our mission statement to ‘continually grow our relationship, people, and processes to impact our community and industry’ can be counter-intuitive to how we feel.  I know the leaders of this company care deeply for the people, the processes, and the relationships that we have built that will always ensure we protect our values. But sometimes, that delivery of things can come out negative as you wonder how these things will affect you.

But behind these changes — there is something awaiting that will make us better than we are, today.  We understand that sometimes we get excited about things like Entrepreneurial Operating System, L10 Meetings, BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), ROCK goals, etc. — but these are only words. The true intent beneath the surface is how much the leaders care about making our team strong, how much we care about living the values, how much we care about living the mission and setting and achieving our goals.

What I love is that everyone gets a voice and can bring up the concerns to the Council to make sure we have a great check and balance system. Achieving a small company feel requires us all to be engaged and look for those opportunities to be connected.  How will you be part of the solution?  Have you built that trust that is needed in a small company?  Are you willing to help out?

Help us by sending your comment to council@weifieldgroup.com; tell us your concerns and ideas. God bless and may Jesus help guide our every move!