Texas Division




Weifield’s Garrett White and his family were thrilled to adopt 14-year-old Bentley (pictured at right in the long-sleeved blue shirt), in March!

The Story, from Garrett:  “This past summer, friends of ours asked us if we could watch their foster son for two weeks while they were out of town. Bentley had just turned 14 and recently became an orphan (his biological mom and dad’s parental rights had been terminated). We had a blast and were shocked that a kid who had experienced the life he had, was as positive as he was. Shortly after he went home, he expressed to his therapist that he experienced a sense of home, with us, that he’s never felt before. When he shared that with us, to his surprise, my wife and I had already decided that we wanted to provide him with a permanent home. On March 4th, Bentley was officially adopted and became part of our family. Ironically, I can remember thinking, ‘I could never foster, I would care too much.’  That’s exactly what these kids need, someone who cares too much!”

Shown in the photo (L to R) are Abbie (daughter), Garrett, Jackson (son), Bentley (son), and wife, Sarah. Thank you for the heartwarming share, Garrett — CONGRATS TO ALL!